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"Best Consumer Supporter" medal awarded to me in 2015 by the Consumer Affairs Agency of the government of Japan. More information is available on the about me page.

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"His contribution to the global debate is, in any case, rich and stimulating, at times thought provoking, well documented and worth reading." - Peter Hustinx, former European Data Protection Supervisor, from the Foreword

"The book clearly points out the implications of increasingly globalized data transfers, depicts in an apt and informative way international, supranational and national approaches, and convincingly analyses regulatory policies. Both the extensive information and the meticulous discussion of the essential elements of international rules constitute an indeed remarkable research." - Professor Spiros Simitis, University of Frankfurt

"... an important book for any with an interest, academic or professional , in data protection and information privacy, and particularly in transborder data flows." - Arye Schreiber, The Cambridge Law Journal

"Without doubt this study will be one of the starting points for any student or professional researcher of data privacy and will be well appreciated for its detail and referenced documentation by anyone genuinely interested in the subject." - Monika Zalnieriute, Computer Law & Security Revi`

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